Recent Talk & Lecture

Happy New Year to everybody!

The year is still young, but it has been quite busy for me already. This week has been a particularly talkative one for me. On Monday, I visited Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg to give an invited lecture on security and privacy in connected mobility. As always, it was a pleasure to discuss with students and to learn about their perspective. I was impressed by the students’ questions and their thoughful considerations of the implications of modern mobility on privacy and autonomy.

Yesterday, I gave a talk in the „PET Talk“ series by GI’s special interest group „Datenschutzfördernde Technik (Privacy-Enhancing Technologies)“. In my talk, I discussed challenges regarding privacy and security for the Software-Defined Vehicle and whether and how PETs might me used to address them. I would like to thank Frank Pallas ans Sebastian Pape for inviting me and the audience for the interesting questions.

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