New Paper on Data Ecosystems and Digital Trust

Fabian Schäfer, Jeremy Rosen, Felix Wortmann and I teamed up to write “Unleashing The Potential of Data Ecosystems: Establishing Digital Trust through Trust-Enhancing Technologies“, which was was presented at ECIS 2023.

In the article, we apply the theory of system trust and investigate the potential of technology to strengthen trust in data ecosystems. In particular, we address two questions:

  • What trust-enhancing potential for data sharing in data ecosystems do the most promising digital technologies provide, and what are their limitations and levels of maturity?
  • How can these technologies be integrated into the data sharing process in data ecosystems to enhance trust?

Based on expert interviews, we identified five technologies that can help solve the trust challenge in data ecosystems: self-sovereign identities, differential privacy, homomorphic encryption, trusted execution environments and secure multiparty computation.

We integrated these technologies into the data sharing process in data ecosystems and elaborated on their limitations and maturity. Ultimately, we derived two principles that allow for adapting our results to future technological developments: complementarity and customization.

 You can read the full article here.

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