In this blog, I primarily write about topics related to privacy and data protection and, sometimes, my work in that area. From time to time, I might also touch on more or less related topics such as information security or any other topic I am interested in.

While I plan to present any content in a form that is understandable for the “interested layperson”, many posts will require prior knowledge in the areas of privacy engineering, computer science or data protection law.

Some of the research presented here is conducted in the course of my professional life where I work at Bosch. However, I do not claim to represent Bosch positions and any opinions shared here are my own and do not necessarily reflect Bosch opinion or position.

For non-commercial purposes and unless stated otherwise, you can re-use any of the material produced by me and published on this blog as long as you properly and clearly cite me as the author in accordance with the rules of good academic practice. All other use requires my explicit consent unless the material is published under a license stating otherwise.

You can also find me on linkedin. I use X/Twitter not very actively anymore, but you can find me there, too.